Bryon Chen
♦ Chairman of Advagene Inc.
Strategic Director of contact lens Co. in Taiwan.
General Manager of Roche Diagnostics of Taiwan and Great China.
AstraZeneca Asia Regional Sales and Marketing Director.
Regulatory and Medical affair committee Chairman of IRPMA in Taiwan.
Start Astra Taiwan from scratch in1981, General Manager of Astra Taiwan.
Pharmacist with MBA.
♦ Acting President of Advagene biopharma Co.,Ltd.
Assistant Director, Department of Biologics, Development Center for Biotechnology.
Senior Research Fellow, Development Center for Biotechnology.
Assistant professor, the graduate institute of molecular & biotechnology, Da-Yen University.         
Manager in Technology & Quality Control Division,Formosa Biomedical Inc. (GMP)
Ph.D in Biochemistry, University of Oxford, UK.
COO, CSO, Medigen Vac. &Biologic.
CEO, Bioproduction Plant, National Health Research Institute, Taiwan.
President, Mycenax Biotech Inc., Taiwan.
Sr. Director, Manufacturing; Scientific Director, Primedica Corporation, USA.
FDA, Blood and Blood product Div. & Industry, USA.
Current serves as Board Directors: Mycenax Biotech. & Advagene corp.
Ph.D., Microbiology / Immunology, Auburn University, USA.
MS, Microbiology, Northwestern State University, LA, USA.

D.V.M., National Taiwan University, Taiwan.

Associate Vice President of R&D
Mingi Chang
Director of Biologics Division, RuenHuei Biopharmaceuticals Inc. (RHBio).
Research Fellow, Protein Drug Project, Development Center for Biotechnology (DCB).
Assistant Professor. Section of Immunology, Department of Medicine, Tzu Chi University       .
   Institute of Microbiology and Immunology, Tzu Chi University.
Postdoctoral research specialist. Division of Immunology and Rheumatology, Harry S.
   Truman Memorial Veterans’ Hospital and University Hospital, University of Missouri.
Operation  AVP 
Jun-Chin Chen
♦ Project manager,Development Center for Biotechnology.
 Associate researcher, National Development Fund.
Biochemical Sciences college of Science , National Taiwan University
♦ Department of International Business ,National Chengchi University .

Advagene Biopharma Co., Ltd. has completed technology transfer with DCB for detoxified LT Adjuvant Technology Platform. The development of products includes nasal spray influenza vaccine (LT-Flu), allergy vaccines (LT-Allergy), therapeutic glycan conjugate vaccines, etc. Complete substance patents, application patents, and manufacturing process patents for product development have been filed and part of the patents have been issued in Europe, U.S., Japan, Taiwan, Russia, Australia, Canada and other countries.

In 2014, Taiwan Bio Industry Organization awarded “Detoxified LT Adjuvant Application and Platform Technology” the “Innovation of the Year”. Among selected indications, the nasal spray flu vaccine (LT-Flu) has completed the phase I human clinical trials, ultimately confirming its safety and efficacy. Data shows that LT-Flu vaccine is capable of enhancing not only Flu-specific IgG but also mucosal IgA titers. ADVAgene is in the process of entering clinical Phase II trials. In the future and subject to approval, Flu-LT will be supplied, not only to general public but also to the most needy elderly through health care providers, thereby providing a novel flu vaccine in a Influenza vaccine market worth more than $3 Billion each year.

Detoxified LT is also tested for the treatment of respiratory allergic diseases and expecting to file an IND in the final quarter of 2017. Detoxified LT has successfully received Taiwan, United States and Japan patents. The mechanism of action of detoxified LT has been verified. In animal studies, detoxified LT works as an immune-modulator that modulates immune responses between immune cells and allergens. These results indicate detoxified LT treatment may replace or reduce steroid usage in respiratory allergic patients. Phase-I/II studies in 2018 will be focused on Ragweed and house dust mites in allergic patients in US and Taiwan, respectively.

The trials on glycan detoxified LT conjugate vaccine have been shown to induce anti-glycan IgG antibody titers in humans. ADVAgene is also planning to enter this dynamic immunotherapy territory area and are looking forward to the relevant technical product development to expand the range and value of the company's product line. Ultimately we are aiming to provide unique new drugs to improve the quality of life and enhance human survival.