Detoxified LT technology platform and its applications obtained project grant for 8 years from Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.


Taiwan Bio Industry Organization awarded “Detoxified LT adjuvant application and platform technology” for “Innovation of the Year”


Taiwan Mask Corporation (TMC) invested ADVAgene in March, 2014, then ADVAgene becomes TMC subsidiary. ADVAgene also received technology transfers from DCB on detoxified LT platforms, and as a result, many products developed from it. A team led by Dr. Hsu, who is the inventor of detoxified LT plateform, has joined ADVAgene for continual development.


Received permission for phase I nasal Flu vaccine from TFDA


Received New Biologics Development Status (or Approval) for LT-Flu and LT/Allergy from Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs.


We completed a NT$150 million capital increase including Yuanta Asia Investment and China Investment &Development(CIDC). The main sponsor of the Yuanta Asia Investment is the South Korean government funds, which actively looks for investment targets in Taiwan. ADVAgene is the first company they invested in Taiwan. This indicates immunotherapy platform from ADVAgene has been recognized by the international biotech funds. China Investment & Development has a long story of leading domestic investment company. Its investment funding included Grand Cathay Venture Capital Co.,Ltd、Grand Cathay Venture CapitalⅡCo.,Ltd and Asia Global Venture Capital Co., Ltd.


ADVAgene have completed a NT$200 million capital increase from additional corporations including Mycenax Biotech Inc.、Synmosa Biopharma Corporation、Hua Nan Venture Capital CO., LTD and Waterland Venture Capital CO., LTD. Mycenax Biotech Inc. and Synmosa Biopharma Corporation are renowned biopharma and listed companies in Taiwan with specific focus on biopharmaceutical development and developing quality pharmaceutical products, respectively. Hua Nan Venture Capital CO., LTD and Waterland Venture Capital CO., LTD are all famous venture capital companies with extended experiences on targeting potential biotech for investment. This successful capital increase highlights the potential and recognition of ADVAgene in future biopharmaceutical role.


Phase II of LT-Flu nasal Flu vaccine has received award for A+ Industrial Innovative R&D program from Department of Industrail Technology (DoIT), Ministry of Economic Affairs.


ADVAgene completed a NT$200 million Equity Financing by issuing new shares.And submit for public issuance to be one listed company on TPEx Emerging Stock Board.


LT-Allergy immunotherapy for phase Ib/ IIa was received IND pass from TFDA.


The result of LT-Flu nasal Flu vaccine Phase II Clinical Trial was positive Top-Line Results.


ADVAgene is in the process of entering clinical Phase Ib/ IIa of LT Allergy immunotherapy trials. No.of enrollment will be 48 in 1 site-Taipei Medical University.